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mindWireless: Mitigating Enterprise Wireless Expense

CIO VendorKevin Whitehurst, Co-CEO & Co-Founder
Today, an effective mobility management strategy plays an indispensable role in streamlining the business processes as most enterprises consist of a mobile-driven workforce. However, with the advent of new technologies like the IoT, LTE, and 5G, complexities around mobility management spirals exponentially, as cellular data exchange and subsequently the cost for allocating data soars to a greater degree.

“Beyond smartphones and laptops, we have cars embedded with SIM cards exchanging gigabytes of data over the air—which cost dearly to a company,” says Kevin Whitehurst, Co-CEO, & Co-Founder, mindWireless. Enter mindWireless, an enterprise wireless expense management specialist that delivers best-in-class and cost-saving solutions for large-sized organizations. mindWireless aids clients to manage their mobile inventory efficiently to reduce the spend on wireless data plans. “Every company wants to have the latest and greatest technology that calls for new tools to manage the cost and support overhead. We empower our client organizations with the tools to manage all of their wireless devices and achieve significant cost-savings,” adds Whitehurst.

mindWireless offers a proprietary web-based, self-service mobility management portal that automates management of the client’s wireless device infrastructure. The administrative IT team can activate, redirect, and deactivate devices that are instantaneously registered in the billing system of the client organization’s telecom service.

With mindWireless, the management team and the individual users gain better control over the corporate devices. For example, an employee visiting abroad on business can opt for a temporary international plan through the system.

A manager can suspend the data allocation to the accounts of the users who are no longer part of the team. The unique reporting capability supports the management of the inventory of devices and data allocation on a per employee basis, allowing clients to purchase the right amount of wireless data to result in considerable cost savings.

The mindWireless analytics engine collects data from the corporate wireless expense records of the client, examines the monthly billing of the telecom providers, and provides customized solutions to decrease the mobility expenses. Besides, they offer customization capabilities for clients to update their mobility management policies consistently. An around-the-clock, dedicated support team of professionals responds to customer issues quickly.

We empower client organizations to efficiently manage their wireless devices and achieve significant cost-savings

Ever since its inception 18 years ago, mindWireless has provided its services to numerous clients such as Coca-Cola, BMW, and Humana, helping them stay competitive with a centrally controlled, comprehensive mobility program. The company has helped Tesla optimize their telecom billing and procurement by a wide margin. mindWireless not only inspected call data to comprehend the usage patterns to improve ROI for the client. In another instance, for an organization with offices across the globe but only small designated teams to deal with mobility management, mindWireless created a corporate-wide program with a centrally-managed administrative team to handle mobility at the enterprise level. Additionally, mindWireless leverages its deep experience to manage Coca-Cola’s complex mobile network and automate all their telecom assets.

Consistent focus of mindWireless is driven from the top and it’s two Co-CEOs and Co-Founders, Whitehurst and David Wise. They pioneered supporting corporate devices with a formal business program and have evolved to support the diversity of wireless devices now driving business. As we enter an era of Internet-enriched environments with LTE and 5G speeds, there is a huge requirement for greater oversight and management of cost and technology. mindWireless has the expertise to help.