Top 10 Business Expense Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

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Top 10 Business Expense Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

Tracking and accounting the business expense is no longer an additional function of a business, but is pivotal for the organization's growth and expansion. With the expense reporting becoming more tedious and time-consuming, companies need to negate the use of conventional manual methods to track them and take a more digitized approach to calculate the payment processes. By switching to digital software, multiple organizations are remolding their expense claim workflow, as these systems offer online invoice approvals along with policy-defined asset purchasing and inbuilt as well as customizable expense reports for HR and accounting team. Additionally, advanced expense management software also enables companies to eradicate human errors and recover tax invoices.

Now, when it comes to tracing a company’s expenses and cash flow, financial visibility plays a crucial role in allowing executives, CEOs, and CIOs in effective decision making, policy formulation, and cost-cutting. Further, organizations are also relying on BYOD (bring your own device) trend to facilitate its employees to work remotely. This also results in reduced operating costs of providing the workforce with the company’s devices. The businesses should hire skilled candidates or solution provider to ensure that the software, as well as the other methods they employ for expense management, is precisely monitored and handled.

Therefore, recognizing that expense management for businesses are imminent for them to attain the maximum hike in their growth, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial board of CFO Tech Outlook have listed the most reliable and proficient business expense management consulting/services companies for the current year. These companies were chosen based on their innovative, unique, and distinct way of delivering expense management services.

We present to you CFO Tech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Business Expense Management Consulting/ Services Companies - 2018.’

    Top Business Expense Management Consulting/Services Companies

  • Telresource is a telecom expense management solutions provider who has focused on saving the enterprise as much as it can. The company’s mission is to make life easier when dealing with Telecom issues by saving valuable time and money. TelResource provides advisory services primarily in the management of cost and expenses. The firm believes in the integration of human and technology while conducting the monitoring. TelResource goes in and finds out exactly what the client needs, and for the best cost possible, which ultimately gives financial opportunities to re-invest into the company

  • CapRelo


    With an extensive footprint across the world, CapRelo is uniquely positioned to help you achieve all your program goals and retain the talent you need for success. The employee relocation and assignment management service provider’s mission is to transform the global HR and employee mobility experience by combining the best in technology, people, resources, and human touch experiences. CapRelo never relies on off-the-shelf solutions to meet the daily goal. The company does so by providing the highest quality service and achieving the best in cost savings and expert management of the client’s program

  • Cloud Source

    Cloud Source

    The CloudSource is a telecom and technology service procurement company whose approach encompasses steps in a comprehensive, iterative manner. CloudSource engages management team and stakeholders across the business. The urgency, importance, and impact of each touchpoint along the technical and business landscape get evaluated. From this evaluation, the firm pinpoints requirements that form the critical path of deliverables in the first wave of the program. To give the project solid foundations, CloudSource limits the amount of detail – particularly around the solution so as not to constrain the route taken to innovate

  • Edge Insights

    Edge Insights

    Being a risk-free cost management service provider, Edge Insights produces cash-flow-positive results for customers. The firm is committed to ensuring accurate billing and long-term cost reduction. With a contingency-based model, Edge Insights is the right partner that unburdens from billing issues in a budget-positive way. An average Edge Insights employee has been with the company well over ten years, which means customers benefit from decades of experience in saving organizations money. The company maintains an entirely independent, agnostic approach to recommending suppliers so that clients are getting the right solution to fit for needs

  • Full Sail Partners

    Full Sail Partners

    Full Sail Partners provide client-focused technology services and solutions in a collaborative environment. The firm’s knowledge and experience ensure clients identify the critical resources needed to create a faster, more efficient, and cohesive business infrastructure. Full Sail Partners’ comprehensive approach requires looking beyond the customer’s accounting system and understanding its investments to achieve maximum efficiency. Full Sail Partners takes an integrated approach when providing unique business solutions to the firm needs to increase productivity and profitability. The Full Sail Partners’ team exemplifies professionalism with a high level of integrity and commitment to the clients

  • Network Control

    Network Control

    With 20 years of experience, Network Control is one of the pioneers of Telecom Expense Management (TEM). The company has built the optimal blend of technology tools, domain expertise, and customer support for the best possible results. The company’s environment inside and out and can transparently manage all the day-to-day communications network management needs. As telecommunications experts, the firm executes strategic planning, assisting in implementing improvements and changes quickly and without risk cost-effectively. The team at Network Control has come across many problems and come up with creative solutions, whether by automating processes or by adequately managing all of the wireless expenses

  • Sterling


    Sterling is a relocation expense management company whose consultative approach creates flexible programs that positively impact every aspect of the business. Sterling aims to minimize employee downtime, provide a stress-free experience, and ensure that the employee is fully engaged in their new role. Equipped to customize and streamline the entire relocation experience, Sterling Lexicon’s proprietary technology, L360, is simple, easy to use and provides real-time updates and analytics. The single platform provides global consistency and supports all critical functions, starting with initiation, and continuing through service delivery and billing

  • Tangoe


    To manage enterprise technology environment, Tangoe provides management solutions. The company reduces costs, increase productivity, and deliver predictable, repeatable results with the most comprehensive Enterprise Technology Management solution. This single platform by Tangoe normalizes all the data across global vendors and carriers to reconcile expenses and invoices. The process optimizes the technology spend to get the most out of programs and contracts. The company gains complete visibility into the entire enterprise technology ecosystem by managing all of the client’s fixed, mobile, and cloud assets in one platform

  • Venra


    Venra provides solutions for managing, monitoring, and overseeing disbursement related business processes such as Travel and Entertainment, Policy Implementation, and Vendor Management. The company’s solutions incorporate best practices and compliance expertise, which it has developed with major global organizations. Venra’s solutions gather data and comprehensively analyze all transactions to identify behaviors that are indicative of errors, potential fraud, waste, or misuse. Action can now be taken on these findings in a manner that allows for policies to be enforced and employees to be influenced for the good of the company

  • Vitex


    Vitex assists banks in the application of sophisticated technology and management services to realize real bottom-line impact with little to no business risk. Vitex offers an expense management service wherein an Accounts Payable Audit is carried out. The experienced financial professionals review the organization’s accounts payable procedures and internal auditing processes for profit recovery. Through accounts payable best practices, Vitex will uncover duplicate payments, overpayments, and more to claim hard dollars. Vitex has been providing accounts payable audits for some of the nation’s largest banks and corporations for more than a decade