vMOX: End-to-end Mobility Expense Optimization and Visibility

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vMOX: End-to-end Mobility Expense Optimization and Visibility

CIO VendorDavid Gardner, President & CEO
Not all surprises are pleasant. Especially for enterprises that work in the mobility environment, there is nothing more frustrating than discovering unaccounted expenses in their mobility services, drastic changes in the mobile rate plans, or even worse, unnecessary roaming charges. As organizations become overwhelmed with complex and dynamic communication services, managing the corporate mobility environment proves to be a daunting task. It is hard to manage audits and modify billing cycles using manual methods while minimizing costs and time spent on management activities.

To avoid the mobility expense-related surprises, reduce costs, and ensure optimal productivity, organizations today need a technology partner that can provide enhanced visibility and comprehensive analytics around their services, users, and spends. Having been in the trenches of mobility environment for over a decade, vMOX is uniquely positioned to help clients significantly lower their monthly mobility expenses and streamline all associated administrative and reporting activities utilizing their patented mobility optimization technology.

vMOX is second to none when it comes to sophistication and capability of their optimization technology and systems. Leveraging data collected via system integrations with service providers, clients, and third-party travel, human resources and service management systems, vMOX is able to perpetually optimize clients’ mobility operations in near real-time. Their refined optimization methodology continually analyzes the calling patterns for each corporate device, from smartphones to tablets to IoT-connected devices. They then ensure that each device is subscribed to the most appropriate and cost-effective plans available at that given time.

Each client is assigned a Mobility Optimization Analyst who constantly reviews optimization results and proactively makes service recommendations, as well as handles all service provider interactions on the clients’ behalf.

Our mobility portal aggregates all clients billing and inventory data onto one platform–direct from the carrier systems –giving our clients unprecedented visibility across all locations and providers

Since vMOX’s systems are integrated with those of the providers, vMOX can directly submit electronically in the most accurate and efficient manner possible, which again allows clients to realize benefits faster. These integrations and automations enable vMOX to make changes within the billing cycle, garner cost benefits, and reduce existing bills by 20 to 40 percent each month. To go along with the impressive savings, vMOX also offers clients a proprietary portal which adds immense value on the lifecycle management side, streamlining tasks such as inventory tracking, device procurement, service moves, trouble ticket creation or tracking and reporting. The mobility portal also provides detailed reporting of all aspects of a customer’s environment. Users can access a full range of reports from summary dashboards to detailed, individual user reports, including highest to lowest users of voice, data, texting, and more to help simplify budget and reconciliation tasks “Our mobility portal aggregates the client’s billing and inventory data directly from the carrier systems onto one platform, giving clients unprecedented visibility across all locations and providers,” says David Gardner, president and CEO of vMOX.

vMOX has helped several large organizations to automate daily operations tasks and save millions every year. In one case, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies was struggling to manage their corporate mobility program, and vMOX’s helped them streamline their program administration and reporting activities, while identifying substantial savings. The company achieved 47 percent savings that equated to over $6M annually, despite adding 160 new devices over that period.

Going forward, vMOX intends to keep making enhancements to their optimization platform by investigating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and device level apps, to deliver benefits to clients in the most efficient, accurate, and meaningful way.