TelResource, Inc.: Business Expense Management Simplified

TelResource, Inc.: Business Expense Management Simplified

CIO VendorLarry Gomez, President
To matter what industry a company operates in, without proper management of the resources, business success is a tunnel with no light at the end: profitability is the most crucial factor in ensuring survival in the market. Expense management in the telecom industry is a viable way to identify the overspending patterns, reduce waste, and create short and long-term savings to control costs and optimize the communications budget.

With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunication industry, TelResource, Inc. has established its name as a cost advisory firm that specializes in the core competencies of the expense management service: consulting and in-billing audits. Larry Gomez, President of TelResource, Inc. puts it this way: “We have a proprietary database designed for different types of carriers, services, pricing, and various elements that essentially puts our clients’ information into one place, regardless of the carrier. We provide them complete budgetary and inventory information through our centralized reporting system, irrespective of the number of locations they have.”

TelResource, Inc. knows that a penny saved is a penny earned and has continued to grow and embark on project management ventures to help the end-user coordinate the overall processes. TelResource, Inc. leaves no loose ends. The company’s centralized reporting system handles the complexity of telecom billing, invoicing, and contract agreements productively whereas the contingency-based auditing gives it an edge over others, as the method provides complete immunity from financial security-related risks. TelResource, Inc. has an expert team proficient in the various management aspects of analyzing each process thoroughly.

The company does not overlook anything or anyone, whether the cabling vendors or security vendors; strategic sourcing, hiring and maintaining vendor relationships; wired communication preparation; negotiating with the carriers for the best deals; access control; or on-premise situational considerations. From telecom auditing to expense management and project management, TelResource, Inc. and its expert team take care of everything more efficiently, while saving the customer time and money. Larry Gomez, CEO, puts it succinctly: “The policies that we adhere to are very structured, and enforced by a Q and A approach that is deployed to double-check and ensure that the gathered information is correct, and which helps in maintaining the inventory more effectively.”

We provide customers complete budgetary and inventory information through our centralized reporting system, irrespective of the number of locations they have

TelResource, Inc. is known for its long-term relationships and the quality of service that it provides. Samuel J. Munafo, the president and CEO of Inter National Bank—one of the primary clients of TelResource, Inc.—explains how the company plays such a huge role in their transformation, “Inter National Bank has worked very closely with TelResource to improve efficiency and lower our annual cost. Larry Gomez has been key to the success of these efforts, and we cannot say enough about what a pleasure it has been to work with him. We consider TelResource a true partner of our company.” Another client— Raba-Kistner, Inc.—one of the premier engineering consulting and program management firms, has been a supporter and advocate of TelResource’s work over the last 15 years because of the excellent management skills of our team.

Moving towards the future, TelResource, Inc. aims to stay proactive as a cost advisory firm, constantly monitoring the ever changing telecom industry. The company focuses on project management and consulting services by providing apt resources to our customers, uncovering the options that are available, and developing a partnership to help them understand the complexities of telecom expense management and its processes.