TeleBright Software: Gateway to Cost Efficiency

TeleBright Software: Gateway to Cost Efficiency

CIO VendorChet Thaker, President & CEO
Chet Thaker, a published author, and an academician, with more than three decades of extensive work experience in the telecommunication arena, has mastered the nuances of expense management. His passionate understanding of the telecom market inspired him to start TeleBright Software that brings to the table an innovative solution with the ability to track assets along with consultancy services to simplify expense management. The uniquely tailored expense management solution brings forth consistent savings and helps clients gain cost efficiency by effectively optimizing the expenses incurred on telecommunication.

TeleBright’s expense management solution is formulated after a careful evaluation of the client’s work environment and requirements. The TeleBright solution integrates with the client’s ERP system to gain knowledge of their employees and cost centers and facilitates a single sign-on, so as to customize the user experience on TeleBright’s mobile procurement portals. Based on the employee’s privileges and company policies, they are presented with phone plans and accessories after the managers approve the requests.

TeleBright’s user accountability approach delivers a detailed mobility and network utilization reports for managers to be aware of their employees’ daily network usage. “We aspire to provide an expert expense management solution of quality that is built on a foundation of integrity and reliability,” elucidates Thaker, President and CEO of TeleBright Software.

TeleBright’s team focuses on optimizing resource utilization and minimizing billing discrepancy by monitoring the wireline and wireless networks of an organization. TeleBright provides a unique Invoice X-Ray® functionality that processes invoice ingestion and produces discrepancy reports to build an initiative board for the managers to analyze the overbilling and underbilling incurred by client companies.

As an added-value proposition, TeleBright gauges the line costs and identifies the forgotten networks—landline, modem, and fax lines—within a company through their line testing program. The program dials all the numbers within an organization and provides a report on used and abandoned lines based on the messages received on call completion. By double checking the reports, companies can cut costs by eliminating the abandoned lines. TeleBright also assists in auditing the history of the client’s network system and optimizing the cost by offering new billing analysis tools and services on the platform.

We aspire to provide an expert expense management solution of quality whose foundation is based on integrity and reliability

Thaker recalls an interesting episode where a large hospital organization with 45 locations and thousands of users was incurring 78 thousand dollars per month on network services. By streamlining and organizing the services and renegotiating the contracts, TeleBright’s innovative approach towards attaining the goal of best cost resulted in reducing the expenditure to 32 thousand dollars per month. Other than telecom, TeleBright extends the functionalities to power, gas, water, and any other invoice creating sectors.

Thaker also draws attention to the government sector and the fact that GSA Networx contracts are being phased out. TeleBright simplifies the transition from GSA Networx to GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions contracts for government agencies. The government with its enormous networking infrastructure can leverage TeleBright’s procurement and budgeting support tools to manage the telecom expenditure of the new contracts for each budget cycle. The TeleBright platform on Amazon AWS cloud can expand its secure network services at a moment’s notice, and can also be installed within the private network of the client or government agencies for added security.

Elaborating about prospective ventures, Thaker emphasizes on investing resources and partnering plans with various companies to further enhance the TeleBright solution for the dynamic government and healthcare sector. TeleBright is researching IoT and AI bots technology that can help transform the expense management system through voice commands and automated analysis. Thaker elucidates, “Our platform does not take over people's jobs, but it certainly makes them more effective, which is a significant value of TeleBright."