DATABASICS: Future-Proofing Expense Management

DATABASICS: Future-Proofing Expense Management

CIO VendorMarcel Syriani, VP & Chief Technology Officer Filing expense reports is a two-way struggle today. On one hand, employees are constantly wrestling with complex reimbursement systems, while on the other, deciphering receipts copied onto spreadsheets only spells chaos for the Accounting department. The market for expense reporting is crowded, sometimes amounting to a show of vendors vying for potential customers with flashy technology that hinders rather than helps. That is not how DATABASICS works. Rather than pushing for technology for technology’s sake, DATABASICS focuses on customer service, making it stand out among other vendors that tend to focus more on shiny features than on what their customers actually need.

“Delivering quality customer service is expensive and takes trained people who really care,” says Marcel Syriani, VP and Chief Technology Officer at DATABASICS. Steering clear of the “growth-at-all-costs” environment that most providers look for, DATABASICS is setting a new standard in solution delivery with their all-in-one employee reporting platform for time, leave, and expense management coupled with one golden rule: customer service is not just a by-product, but a part of product delivery.

"We are excited to be the frontrunners showing the world how time and expense reporting are not just two everyday work tasks, but so much more. We automate two important systems by opening the communication between an organization’s business systems, creating full transparency, and streamlining the processes impacting each department’s bottom line"

Originating from an accounting background, DATABASICS came into existence when its founders observed a shortcoming in accessible, user-friendly expense management software. As a result, the team designed an intuitive system with real people in mind that bridges leave, time, and expense procedures. Committed to solving challenges in day-to-day expense processing, DATABASICS today has a client base in over 120 countries. With more than two decades of experience in expense management, the company offers a host of compelling products that assure hassle-free employee reporting, expense reporting, and vendor invoice management.

Spend Management Decoded

DATABASICS doesn't believe in overwhelming customers with technology that does not match their needs. Their solutions are fully functional and reduce overall costs by opening up communication between timesheet and expense reporting systems. With one solution and one price model, DATABASICS eliminates the need for nickel-and-diming clients for each add-on. The company's DATABASICS Expense is global, mobile-based software in the cloud that facilitates easy expense data entry, cash advance management, project tracking, and petty cash management.

Through automatic online transaction feeds, DATABASICS Expense keeps data entry to a minimum. The solution also empowers auditors to review expense reports and makes compliance easier with the Open Payment Sunshine Act reporting feature. For the ultimate user experience, DATABASICS Expense even brings real-time insight into spend through interactive dashboards and reports that are also designed for mobile access. Currently, the company is working on utilizing mobile payments to complete the transactions that go into expense reports, doing as much of the heavy lifting as possible for the end user.

We offer an all-in-one employee reporting platform that combines critical business systems into one powerful, automated solution

Built to seamlessly integrate into a client's existing ecosystem or the business applications an organization may choose to use in the future, DATABASICS creates a centralized end-to-end employee reporting solution. While most providers with their vast technology spread—ranging from optical character recognition to analytics and applications—guarantee cutting edge services, it is often difficult to foresee the feasibility of most solutions.

“That’s why we tell our prospects to make a decision based on the future,” says Syriani. The solution’s easy integration functionality and scalability helps organizations to truly future-proof themselves against complex business needs, saving not only money, but the most elusive of all elements—time. Moreover, since most organizations today use several vendors, each with their own systems, DATABASICS brings together all of that data into a single employee reporting hub through open integrations. Bi-directional integrations with systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Intacct, and ADP (among many others) allow data to flow into the DATABASICS systems so that users can make essential down-to-the-penny decisions with confidence.

“Our aim is to put together as much of the data as we have and make it useful for an end user by assembling expense reports and timesheets in a manner which enables clients to be a validator rather than relying on manual data entry,” says Syriani.

Acing Customer Centricity

The core of DATABASICS goes beyond API integrations. The company's primary value proposition is to help customers achieve their vision as fully as possible. With a host of clientele across a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals and construction to government and nonprofits, the company emphasizes speedy response times and quick deployments. A telling example of DATABASICS’ expertise would be when the company helped a client save hundreds of thousands of dollars because their commute mileage reimbursement was more accurate using Google Maps. Employing Google Maps along with IP address capture is an ideal solution for mileage reimbursements as it creates a fully transparent mileage log.

Another example of DATABASICS’ commitment to putting the customer first is when an end user reached out for help when her commute mileage calculations were not working. The problem was that her newly-built home was not yet on Google Maps.

Because of DATABASICS' customer centric policy, the company went out of their way to contact Google and successfully add the new address on Google maps.

In another case, a government subcontractor operating on a project-based model was weighed down with the multiple company-wide business rules required for each project. The client was in search of a simple solution for its managers and employees that would be fast, secure, and accurate. DATABASICS easily integrated with the client's existing software (MS Dynamic SL and ADP), automated their critical systems, and implemented a purchasing card (P-Card) program. The DATABASICS P-Card management system offered significant savings in time through automation, accounts payable, accurate reconciliation, and full visibility of P-Card spend in a mobile and an online environment. In addition, the easy-to-use timesheet software along with expense solution resulted in improved cost accounting, policy and compliance management, and flexible internal workflows. DATABASICS ultimately became the hub for all employee reporting, payroll, procurement, and accounting functions, delivering unprecedented control and visibility. To top it all, with DATABASICS, the client increased their efficiency by 80 percent.

Actively monitoring all possible reporting problems, DATABASICS allows customers to update their solution at their discretion, which helps avoid unexpected disruptions. “We’re different because we listen. We balance by utilizing technology to solve problems while enhancing the user experience,” says Syriani. This devotion to the user experience is even evident in the way the company is structured as any employee is allowed to pitch in to solve a customer problem, no matter which department they work in, from professional services to marketing.

The Future is Now

Driven by a passion to simplify automated reporting for the modern workforce, DATABASICS always has their eye on future possibilities. The expense management landscape is presently heading toward simplification and an increase in the number of processes that can be automated. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more intelligent and less artificial, filing expense reports could be as simple as allowing voice recognition alone to compile reports. DATABASICS is pushing forward in the AI area through data-driven self-adjusting algorithms, which significantly reduces user entry. The company is working on an approval assistant module that will take care of the usual expense reports and timesheets, leaving the manager to focus on the exceptions. Since the marker of an effective solution is always a fine balance between automation and compliance, the company pays special attention to maintaining tight security standards. The upcoming GDPR regulation, for example, is one challenge on the horizon that DATABASICS is working on in order to maintain essential privacy and security standards. DATABASICS plans to continue growing and innovating as it considers the possibility of new offices in Asia in the coming years to support rollouts across the world.

“Some predict that the days of expense reporting might end, but we think it’s probably the beginning of a new era with the end of manual data entry. We are excited to be the frontrunners showing the world how time and expense reporting are not just two everyday work tasks, but so much more. We automate two important systems by opening the communication between an organization’s business systems, creating full transparency, and streamlining the processes impacting each department’s bottom line,” says Syriani.