Certify: Modernizing Expense Reporting Process

Certify: Modernizing Expense Reporting Process

CIO VendorBob Neveu, CEO
Managing expenses is one of the core tenets for running a successful business. Working with paper-based systems has become a slow and inefficient method to effectively monitor expenses. In order to manage their expenses and keep overheads to a minimum, corporates are now turning towards powerful automated expense management solutions. In the recent past, the management at the CT-based Pitney Bowes—a global eCommerce solutions provider—was in a dilemma as they wanted to leverage innovative technologies to simplify their expense reporting. Getting a single consolidated expense report from their multiple accounting systems was a herculean task. After scrutinizing through prospects, Pitney Bowes approached Certify, an innovative technology firm that specializes in offering automated expense reports. Pitney Bowes began to use Certify’s expense management solution, realizing cost benefits immediately. Certify’s expense reporting tool combined the client’s inbound data from cost centers, and various accounting systems such as SAP, Oracle or JDire, which helped the client to keep a complete track of all their expenses through a single report.

Certify’s cloud-based expense management solution offers a full suite of on-demand reporting and analytics with a focus on three core areas, ease-of-use, user experience, and automation. A study conducted by the firm revealed that the biggest pain point in the expense process is the employees’ failure to submit reports on time. One of the many ways that Certify automates expense management is by making it easy for employees to submit their reports with timely reminders and notifications.

In the light of this, Certify Mobile feature makes expense management and reporting easy for SMBs. The firm is at the forefront of eliminating the need for paper receipts and spreadsheets and provides insight into expense spending with their truly automated expense system. Certify Mobile also works in the offline mode allowing employees and business travelers to take a photo of the receipt with a smartphone in real time, which in turn helps streamline the expense management process in a completely transparent manner.

With the extracts of expense data from these receipt images, Certify’s ReceiptParse feature can automatically scan and fill the expense fields in no time. “With our brand-new user setup wizard, getting started with Certify is faster and more intuitive than ever before. Late reports are few and far between," points out Certify's founder and CEO, Bob Neveu. Certify also scores highest in user satisfaction rate, and its tool supports reporting in more than 64 languages and 140+ currencies to provide a common platform for all users, no matter their location or preferences. In another instance, the firm assisted H&R Block, an income tax e-filing website, to reduce their time of manually preparing expense reports, and audit expense reports and to focus more on digitization. To put it succinctly, Certify's simple-to-use solution helped them to manage all of their transaction on a digital note.

The firm’s yet another premium offering, Certify Travel 2.0 provides a complete corporate travel management capability by simplifying bookings for employees while helping the company manage travel practices and costs. As the employee's login, Certify Travel 2.0 knows who they are, their frequent flyer numbers, travel options, and other preferences making the search process for hotels, flights, and car rentals quick and flexible.

For the onward journey, the firm aims to make invoices simple with an automated accounts payable solution integrated seamlessly into the Certify expense management platform. This solution includes invoice imaging, flexible and locked approval workflows, ACH payments, and offer complete visibility into reporting metrics while maximizing productivity and efficiency.